Rainbow Six Siege Gets Its First New Map In Three Years, Emerald Plains

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Rainbow Six Siege is headed to Northern Ireland with its newest map--its first in three whole years. The Emerald Plains map is live now for players across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and cloud platforms.

Set inside the titular Emerald Plains country club and ranch, the new map features plenty of ambush locations and infiltration opportunities, with three different interior staircases along with a rappel-ready skylight. It's split into two separate sections, with one focusing on a more classic look while the other is more modern, and there are also more open areas that should serve as the heart of many firefights.

For Year 7 Season 1, Ubisoft has introduced the operator Azami. Using the newcomer's Kiba Barrier, you can repair holes in both walls and floors, which should come in handy when defending some of the more vulnerable sections of Emerald Plains. It could also give your team just enough time to flank an opponent while they struggle to breach an area.

If you prefer to plan your approach on Emerald Plains in advance, you can check out full blueprints of the entire map--split across three levels--on the game's official website. This includes a full list of the breakable areas, so an Azami player will have a good idea of where they'll be needed.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Luna, and Stadia.

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