1. Google Play Achievements

    This title has a total of 82 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Neutralize 10 enemies throughout your career 10 Kills
    Kill 10 motherships 10 Motherships
    Neutralize 100 enemies throughout your career 100 Kills
    Kill 100 robots 100 Robots
    Neutralize 1000 enemies throughout your career 1000 Kills
    Neutralize 10000 enemies throughout your career 10000 Kills
    Neutralize 200 enemies throughout your career 200 Kills
    Kill 25 drone carriers 25 Drone Carriers
    Neutralize 25 enemies throughout your career 25 Kills
    Kill 25 motherships 25 Motherships
    Kill 250 drones 250 Drones
    Kill 250 robots 250 Robots
    Neutralize 300 enemies throughout your career 300 Kills
    Kill 50 drone carriers 50 Drone Carriers
    Neutralize 50 enemies throughout your career 50 Kills
    Kill 500 drones 500 Drones
    Neutralize 500 enemies throughout your career 500 Kills
    Neutralize 5000 enemies throughout your career 5000 Kills
    Destroy 10 enemy planes without getting destroyed in multiplayer Ace
    Perform at least 20 maneuvers in a single mission Acrobat
    Complete the maneuvers and squadron commands tutorial Acrobatic School
    Frag 10 enemies in less then 2 minutes Air Dominator
    Complete all missions in the main campaign Alien Horizon
    Buster Arcade Buster
    Enter the Big Room Big Big Big Room!!!
    The last One Born Survivor
    Bring down a bridge Burning Bridges
    Destroy 500 vehicles Button Smasher
    Complete the HUD and Interface tutorial Buttons School
    Destroy 50 vehicles Can Opener
    Destroy 10 vehicles Cargo Hunter
    Destroy 50 buildings Carpet Bomber
    Destroy 100 buildings Da Bomber
    Destroy 10 buildings Demolisher
    Dodge 100 missiles Dodgy
    Kill 100 drones Drone Madness
    Escape the Lego Wall Faster Faster Faster!!!
    Collide with another plane midair Fatal Attraction
    Defeat mission 50 in Dogfight mode Fight for your Flight
    Perform a maneuver at very low altitude Flat-Hatter
    Win a CTF match with more than 5 points without allowing the other team to get your flag. Flawless CTF Match
    Complete the casual controls tutorial Flying School
    Spin Me Going in Circles
    Crash your plane 100 times Ground Hugger
    Destroy an enemy plane while suffering from motion sickness Headspin
    Hover your plane under 100 feet in the air with your speed below 100 mph Hover Bird
    I Will Survive? I Will Survive!!!
    Destroy 7 enemy planes without getting destroyed in multiplayer Instructor
    Destroy 100 vehicles Jeppzila
    Down Below Lost in Space
    Kill 10 drone carriers Lucky Number 10
    Defeat all missions in Dogfight mode Mad Dog
    Destroy an enemy UFO Master Blaster
    Reach the Dead End Meee Noo Seee!!!
    Defeat the 30th wave in Survival mode Morituri te Salutant
    Land 5 times on a carrier Mother Ship
    Destroy the central pyramid Mummy's Curse
    Sink 10 submarines Nemo Nemesis
    Capture the enemy flag three times without being killed One Man Show
    Visit the Alien Planet Out of Space
    Complete the simulation controls tutorial Piloting School
    Eject 15 times Punch Out
    Madness Rampaging Bull
    Receive a promotion Rank Up
    Defeat mission 75 in Dogfight mode Real Fighter
    Kill 50 planes using machinegun and unlock RFA10 [online mode only] RFA10
    Kill 150 planes using machinegun and unlock RFA10 Armor [online mode only] RFA10A
    Kill 100 planes using machinegun and unlock RFA10 Damage [online mode only] RFA10D
    Try Survival mode for the first time Ride Together, Die Together
    Kill 50 robots Robotomy
    Destroy 3 enemy planes without getting destroyed in multiplayer Rookie
    Sink 4 ships in 10 seconds or less Shipshape
    Kill All Barrels Silent Barrel Hunter
    Sink 5 carriers Sink Me
    Reach the Laser Trap Skipper
    Defeat mission 25 in Dogfight mode Soldier of Fortune
    Complete the takeoff and land tutorial Takeoff School
    Kill 5 motherships Thar She Blows! Up!
    Get chased by the Chasing Wall The Wall is After Me!!!
    Destroy 15 enemy planes without getting destroyed in multiplayer Top Ace
    Complete the simple weapons and flares tutorial Weapons School
    Destroy 5 enemy planes without getting destroyed in multiplayer Wingman

    Contributed by: Eevee-TrainerĀ 

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

First Released

Mar 15, 2012


  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Macintosh

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is an air combat game where you can become the supreme lord of the skies.