Celeste Composer Lena Raine Releases New Solo Album "Oneknowing"

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One of the several aspects that make Celeste a superb game is the soundtrack. Its catchy, rhythmic mix of piano and chiptune-style synths masterfully complement the game's tone, story, and intense platforming at just the right moments. The Celeste soundtrack is also wonderful to simply listen to as a standalone album, and the remixed Piano Collections just as much. But you don't have to take my word for it. It's been nominated for multiple awards including Best Music at the upcoming BAFTA Game Awards, and it took home Best Audio at the 2019 GDC Awards. That's because of the work of composer Lena Raine, and today she released her debut solo album titled Oneknowing.

Oneknowing is now available on multiple music streaming platforms such as Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and much more. While you may recognize a few parallels between that of Celeste's soundtrack and Raine's new record, Oneknowing hits a more relaxing, ethereal vibe especially in the songs "Breath" and "Momodani." Raine also sings in an expressive, artificial language with her voice modified via vocaloid software for tracks like "Tsukuyomi" and "Light Rail."

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