Rainbow Six Siege Developers Answer Burning Questions About Cheating, Ranked Play, And Much More

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The Rainbow Six Siege developers at Ubisoft released a massive AMA for Y6S2 addressing players' concerns. The blog post covers mouse and keyboard on consoles, cheaters, playlists, and much more.

Two big topics covered in the AMA were cheaters and people using the mouse and keyboard on consoles. The developers said that while they have team members dedicated to working on mouse and keyboard input for consoles, it is still an "R&D subject." They said that the goal is to make sure that mouse and keyboard does not provide an unfair advantage on consoles, while still allowing it as an input option.

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As for plans to deal with cheaters in the game, Ubisoft was unable to provide details around its anti-cheating security, as anything it shares could be used by cheat makers to bypass the security. The developers did provide some more information around other exploits and if something is a bannable offense or not, like how using a glitch or exploit doesn't result in a ban, since it brings the issue to their attention.

The Rainbow Six Siege team did say that it si aiming to add more restrictions to the Ranked playlist, limiting access for accounts that are high enough level but haven't played the game in a while or did not play enough public PvP matches prior to playing ranked. Ubisoft also said that while the team does see the benefit to manually banning cheaters instead of relying on auto-bans, it doesn't think that can be the main method since it would be too hard to scale.

Ubisoft also said that it is currently unhappy with the current way it does battle passes and is aiming to make "a new type of battle pass that won't be found anywhere else." It also said that tweaks are coming to the challenges and that season pass owners will receive a battle pass bonus in the future.

The AMA covers many topics about the future of Rainbow Six Siege and you can read the entire thing over on Ubisoft's website. The Containment event is currently live in Rainbow Six Siege, adding a special PvP mode based on the upcoming game Rainbow Six Extraction, which releases in January 2022.

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