This Week's Red Dead Online Update Introduces Eight New Races

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Red Dead Online is keeping the focus on horse races with this week's update, which continues many of the bonuses, rewards, and offerings we saw last week. The main difference this time is the addition of eight new races to the game.

This week's updates to Red Dead Online are listed in a blog post from Rockstar and detailed down below.

New Races Across The West

Starting this week, Red Dead Online players will be able to take part in eight new races across the game's world. Each race has Point-to-Point, Lap, and Open variants, for a more classic racing experience. If you're looking for something with a bit of danger involved, you can try out Target Races, which have players fire arrows at flaming targets as they speed across the map.

Anyone that takes place in any of these races will get a nice heap of extra rewards. Regardless of how they place, players participating in a race will earn three times the usual cash and XP. Similarly, placing in the top three positions in a race will earn players an offer for 40% off any saddle. If you complete any of the eight new races added to Red Dead Online this week, you'll also earn an offer for half off an Improved Bow and 20 arrows.

One Last Chance For New Threads And Discounts

This week also marks players' last opportunity to get some fancy new clothes for their cowpoke. The Fanned Stovepipe Hat, Eberhart Coat, Macbay Jacket, Chambliss Corset, and Danube Outfit are all leaving shelves and the catalog this week.

Players also have one last week to make good use of some decent discounts. For the next seven days, all Race Horses are 30% off, and saddlebags and stirrups are 40% off. If you need a new getup for your character, all outfits are also 40% off. Anyone looking to pick up a couple of new weapons can also get the Bow for 40% off and the Evans Repeater for 50% off.

Rockstar also mentioned Red Dead Online's upcoming summer update in its post today. It's not clear exactly when that update will be released, but we do know that it will let players get involved with the criminal underbelly of Saint Denis.

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